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Building Fire Assist to LanCo
Thursday, July 10, 2014

At 2317 the Cochranville Fire Company was alerted to assist the Bart Township Fire Company on a second alarm building fire on Dry Wells Road in Bart Township Lancaster County.

Engine 27-2 went enroute with a full crew followed by Engine 27-5.

Upon arrival of E-2 the crew was sent to manpower staging where they were then sent directly to the fire building to assist with fire suppresion and overhaul.  E-2 was then routed to the creek at Wilson Road and Heyberger Road to establish a second fill site.  E-2 established the fill site and began filling tankers. 

E-5 arrived and was placed into the tanker shuttle supplying water to the fire ground.

Due to the low water level in the creek, water supply issues arose causing the fill site to be placed out of service.  At that point, E-2 was sent to the hydrant on Mt. Pleasant Road to establish a fill site.  E-2 arrived and set-up to fill tankers using the hydrant system.  The primary fill site began experience water issues causing it to be placed out of service and making E-2 the primary fill site.

In all, E-2 flowed approximetly 50,000 gallons of water from the two fill sites. 

E-5 supplied 9,000 gallons of water to the fire scene.  

All Cochranville units were available back in quarters by 0304 the following morning. 

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