Pierce Arrow XT Puc Engine - Engine 27-2

Placed into service 05/28/2010 at 1700 hours. Six man cab, Cummins ISL Engine, 425 HP, 1000 gallons of water, 1500 gpm pump, husky 12 foam system, 30 gallons class A foam cell, 3-5 gallon class B foam pails, 1300 feet of 5 inch hose, a preconnected blitz fire with 300 feet of 3" hose, 1-100ft 1 3/4" preconnect, 1-200ft 1 3/4" preconnect, 1-300ft 1 3/4" preconnect, 1-250ft 2 1/2" preconnect, stinger deck gun, msa tic, gas meter, aed, rit equipment, engine company hand tools, portable hydraulic pump, combi-tool, O-cutter, ram, 2-high lift jacks, 10 kw generator, 2-200ft electric reels, positive pressure fan, Overall Height: 10' 5", Hands-Free SCBA Brackets, VLH® Caps, Side Roll Protection system, TAK-4® independent front suspension, Five recessed FRC 900-watt HID Lights, one front visor FRC 900-watt HID Light One, Chief Night Scan 3600-watt. Classfied engine rescue tool equipped

American LaFrance - Engine

750 GPM, Open cab, Triple combination pumper Purchased used in 1946 from the West End Fire Company to become their first truck. Replaced in 1951.

Chevrolet Scottsdale Suburban - QRS

4X4, Purchased used in 1990 from the Friendship Fire Company-Carlise (Cumberland County) to be used as a QRS unit. The company had it repainted to match the other vehicles. It was sold in 11/02 to a private individual in Willow Street.

Ford Bronco - Brush 27

302 CI V-8 gas engine, 3-speed on the column manual transmission, 4X4 field piece, 70 gpm, 100 gallons, chassis purchased from Sloan Ford. The Honda pump and tank were installed by the members. It was housed on 10/16/72. Taken out of service in the fall of 2005. Sold on E-Bay in 10/05 for $8,500 to an individual in Portland, Maine, out of the fire service.

Ford C-900/Young - 27-1

Canopy tilt-COE, 1000 gpm, 1000 gallons, First canopy cab ordered by the company. It was housed on 09/16/72. It has a 534 CI gas motor, 290HP, 5-speed manual transmission, 2.5 KW generator new water tank in 1985. It was involved in an accident in 9/14/82 with Atglen's 1965 International/American LaFrance pumper while responding to a call. It was repaired and placed back into service. Atglen's truck was destroyed. It happened at night when Atglen's pumper was pumping at the time and Cochranville's pumper sideswiped because it lost it’s brakes going down a hill. It went off the road into a ditch and landed against a tree sustaining $20,000 in damages. Three firefighters were hurt. It was sold in 11/2000 to Company Two Fire Apparatus of Snellville, GA. Finally sold in mid 2002 to the North VFC, SC.

Ford F Big Job V-8 - 27-5

Full cab, Tractor trailer tanker, 160 GPM,2600 gallon, Single axle trailer, Used oil tanker trailer. It went in service in 1958. Replaced in 1968.

Ford F/Midwest - 27-1

Full cab , 500 gpm, 1000 gallons 337 CI V-8 gas motor, 5-speed manual transmission Less than 24 hours after being delivered pressed into service when a chicken house caught fire, driven to call by factory engineer, Sold in 3/72 to the Goodwill Fire Company of Washington Boro (Lancaster County.)

Ford F-800 Big Job V-8 - 27-2

Full cab, 500 gpm, 1000 gallons, Rounded rear fenders, The chassis was purchased from a dealer in West Grove 332 CI, V-8, 5-speed, New tank in 1989, Originally purchased through Glen Culbert Company. It sat outside in the winter of 1993-94 and the pump cracked. It was finally sold in 1994 to a Ford truck collector from Rising Sun, Md.

Ford NT-950 Super-Duty - 27-5

1968 Ford NT-950 Super-Duty/Midwest Full cab, 250 gpm, 3500 gallons, 477 CI V-8 gas engine, 5-speed and 4-speed manual transmission, Cabinet style of tanker, Tandum rear axles. It went into service on 5/11/68. It was housed 10/16/72. It was replaced and put up for sale in early 1990. It was sold in 1991 to a Fire company in South Carolina.

Pierce Arrow XT - Rescue 27

20.5 ft. heavy duty non-walkin body, Seating for 8, Advanced side roll protection, Air conditioning, 53,000lbs. GVW, 229" wheelbase, Independent front suspension, Detroit Diesel Series 60 w/ 455 H.P., Warn 9,000 lb. portable winch, 35KW Onan, PTO generator, 30 gallon self contained compressed air foam system, 4 bottle 6000 psi cascade system w/ booster pump, One 300' high pressure air line, One 200' low pressure air line, air chisels, air ratchet guns, Three hydraulic reels in compartments, Two hydraulic reels in the front bumper, portable hydraulic pump, 1-combi-tool, 1-pedal cutter, 2-spreaders, 2-O-cutters, 3-rams, 4-high lift jacks, 4-bottle jacks, paratech struts, 70 ton high pressure air bags, msa tic, aed, gas meter, rit equipment, engine company hand tools, containment equipment. Two 200' electric cord reels, negative pressure fan, positive pressure fan, Six 900 watt recessed quartz lights fixed, Two 1000 watt quartz tripod lights, One 5400 watt Will-burt light tower. Classified Rescue Air QRS Unit

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