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Silo fire in Highland Township
Sunday, August 31, 2014

At 1212 Stations 27, 8, and Engine 44-5 were dispatched to Gum Tree Road in Highland Township for a silo fire.

Responding units were advised that the caller was reporting smoke coming from the silo doors.

Assistant 27 arrived on scene along with FM-45 confirming a working fire in the 68' high silo.

At that point, a collapse zone was established  around the silo.

Assistant 27 established the Gum Tree Command.

Command advised Engine 27-2 to proceed in the farm lane to the rear of the barn.  All other units were advised to stage on the hard road until the ladder truck arrived.

Contact was made with a silo fire specialist from Berks County at which time, a rep made the response to the scene.

While awaiting the arrival of the rep, Tower 24 was dispatched to the scene to assist with making access to the top of the silo in order to remove the roof covering over the unloader portion of the silo under the direction of the silo rep.

Upon arrival of the tower, it was positioned and set-up.  The roof was removed.

Crews noticed that the walls of the silo were starting to show signs of cracking from the heat inside the silo. 

At that point, all crews were cleared from the immediate area.

Once the rep arrived on scene, he met with command.  After a lengthy survey of the situation it was determined that there was no way to safely extinguish the blaze.

At that point, the assignment was reduced to 27 units.

27 units remained on scene with the rep who advised the property owner of the situation. 

All 27 units cleared the scene by 1543

Thanks to the Bart Twp Fire Co for covering our first due while our units operated at the scene. 


Units: Engines 27-2 and 27-5

Mutual Aid: 37, 44, 8, 24, 36, Lancaster County 42 and 52.


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