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Working House Fire
Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday, March 23rd 2014 at 0957 hours, the Cochranville Fire Company, Union Fire Company #1 of Oxford, Bart Fire Company and Christiana Ambulance 46 were alerted for a house fire on the 1400 block of Homeville Road in West Fallowfield Township.

Numerous calls were received on this incident stating that smoke and fire were consuming the first floor of the house.

Assistant 27, M. Harris, responded at 1002 hours with heavy smoke in the area requesting the working fire dispatch. The WFD re-alerted the previous companies and added Gap Fire Company Truck 42 and Quarryville Fire Company Truck 57 for Rapid Intervention and SCCEMS Medic 94 to the incident.

Assistant Harris arrived on scene at 1004 with a two story single family dwelling well off and requested the fire marshals to the scene. He also assumed “Homeville Road Command.” Homeville Road Command also requested that the first alarm tanker task force be called to the scene. This added another engine from the Bart Fire Company and tankers from the Christiana, Keystone Valley, West Grove and Quarryville Fire Companies.

All units worked on scene with numerous hand lines and blitz fire pieces to extinguish the fire. Engine 51-1 handled the fill site to fill the empty tankers. Ambulance 21-3 and Medic 94 handled the rehab area. While all units were working at 1042 a Mayday event was declared. The Rapid Intervention Team was quick to respond and the firefighter was removed safely from the structure with no injuries.

The fire was placed under control at 1308 hours with all units still working on the scene to make sure no fire was left in the house as well as starting the overhaul process. All units were finally able to clear the scene by 1445 hours.

Thank you to the Cochranville Fire Moms for making food during this incident. Thank you also to the fire companies that were available from our station on stand by and to all of those that helped with the clean up and getting the 27 units back together and ready for the next incident.

Units: Engine 27-2, Engine 27-5, QRS 27, Rescue 27, Engine 27-1, and Utility 27 Mutual Aid: Engine 21-2, Tanker 21, Medic 94, Ladder 21, Ambulance 46-1, Truck 42, Tanker 51, FM 102, Tanker 52-2, Truck 57, Engine 51-1, Tanker 8, Tanker 52-1, Engine 21-1, Ambulance 21-3, Engine 21-4, Tanker 22, Engine 52-1, FM 101, Engine 51-2, Tanker 57, Engine 33-5, Engine 37-2, Tanker 23, Engine 8-1-3, Traffic 8, Engine 35, Engine 24-2, Tanker 39, Belfor and PSP Fire Marshal

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