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1st Alarm Assist Fire Box 2205 - 800 Block North Guernsey Rd. London Grove Township
Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday January 11th @ 21:20hrs Fire box 2205 was dispatched for the 800 Block of North Guernsey Rd. London Grove Township for the Dwelling. Stations 12, 22, 32(West Grove) 27 for Engine and Pumper Tanker. Engine 27-2 Responded at 21:25 and Engine 27-5 at 21:26 rescue 27 at 21:28. At 21:29 Engine 22 arrived in scene and reported fire through the roof, and requested a "Working Fire Dispatch" adding station 21(Oxford) 23(Avondale) Medic 94(SCCEMS) Engine 22 went into service with a 1-3/4" pre-connected line, fighting heavy fire coming from the upper side of the house on the "B" side and in the rear. Engine 27-2 arrived on the scene at 21:30, crew pulled a 2nd line off of engine 22 and assisted in the fire suppression while the engine supplied eng 22 with water until Tankers arrived. Engine 27-1 responded at 21:32. 27 arriving units sent manpower to the scene and assisted in overhaul, Engine 27-5 supplied tanker 22 , Rescue 27 set up the air bank. At 21:41hrs First alarm Tanker Task Force was requested for Tanker 23, Tanker 21, Tanker 36 (Unionville), Tanker 24 (Kennett) and Tanker 19 (Hockessin). At 22:15 hrs Command placed the fire under control. 27 units went available at 23:25hrs Thank you to 44-5(West Wood) for the cover up assignment UNITS: Eng 27-1, Eng 27-2, Eng 27-5, Rescue 27, Utility 27 STATIONS: 12,22,32,21,23,24,36,19,94

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