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House Fire in East Nottingham - 100 Block of Amber Drive
Saturday, May 26, 2012

At 0650 Saturday morning, May 26th, 2012, the Cochranville Fire Company was alerted for Rescue 27 for the RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) Assignment on the Union Fire Company of Oxford’s Working Fire Dispatch for the 100 Block of Amber Drive in East Nottingham Township. Rescue 27 responded with a crew of six at 0658 hours. Chief 27 advised the additional crew to respond with Engine 27-2. Before Engine 27-2 responded, Chief 21 requested Chester dispatch for 2 additional engines and 3 additional tankers. Crews split between Engine 27-2 and Engine 27-5, at the request of Chester to fill both needed units. Engine 27-2 responded with a crew of four at 0704 hours and was followed by Engine 27-5 with a crew of two. Upon arrival, Engine 27-2 was instructed to stage on a side road and have crews walk to the fire scene. Captain M. Harris and Firefighter M. Arroyo reported to man power and Firefighter Green reported Rescue 27's crew to supplement the RIT crew. From manpower, Captain Harris and Firefighter Arroyo helped with the exterior attack of the basement, and once the fire was under control, Engine 27-2 and Rescue 27's crews helped with the extensive overhaul. All 27 units returned available by 1130 hours. Thank you to Lancaster County Tanker 5-2-1 and Engine 29-5 for standing by at our station during this incident. Units: Rescue 27, Engine 27-2 and Engine 27-5 Mutual Aid: Lancaster County Tanker 5-2-1 and Engine 29-5

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