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Haz Mat Assist Lancaster County Sta. 5-2 - Upper Valley and Noble Roads
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday January 24th @ 15:43 hrs. Containment 27 was dispatched to assist Lancaster County Sta 5-2 ( Christiana)on a haz-mat auto accident. Located at the 60ft. arch on Noble Rd.

Command 5-2 arrived on the scene with a 6 wheel bucket truck and trailer over the bank and spilling fluids into the creek. Containment 27 upon arrival was instructed to boom the East Branch of the Octorar Creek at Steelville Mill and Creek Rd. When this assignment was complete, proceed to the 60ft Arch and assist Sta 5-2 (Christiana) and 4-2(Gap) with placing booms on the creek at the accident scene. Null`s Towing completed the upright of the truck command 5-2 released containment 27 @ 18:05 hrs.


Thanks to Null`s Towing ( for the Pictures.



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