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2011 Fire Company Banquet - Wagontown
Saturday, March 19, 2011

On the evening of March 19th 2011 the Cochranville Fire Company held their yearly banquet at the Wagontown Fire Company. President Harris, Chief Lapp, and QRS Coordinator Keenan started the night by introducing the guests in attendance. Dinner provided by ESP Caterers followed immediately. After everyone was finished eating the Awards Ceremony commenced. Once that was finished the dance floor was opened up by Last Call DJ - Cory Huth, allowing members and guests to dance the rest of the night away. The Wayne Yost Award was awarded to Daniel Calder and Melvin Lapp. The Firefighter of the Year award was presented to Lena Stoltzfus. Top Ten Responders for Fire Calls: 1) Deputy Chief Brian Drennen 2) Assistant Chief Dean Hoopes Sr. 3) Captain Michael Harris 4) Daniel Calder 5) Katie Null 6) President Charles Harris 7) Geoff Burkhart 8) Lieutenant-A Kim "Gumby" Harvey 9) Lena Stoltzfus 10) Beth Brown Top Ten Responders for QRS Calls 1) Katie Null 2) Dean Hoopes Sr. 3) Dennis Keenan 4) Diane Harris 5) Codi Calder 6) President Charles Harris 7) Deputy Chief Brian Drennen 8) Captain Michael Harris 9) Lieutenant Michael Trainor 10) Daniel Calder ** A special thanks goes out to Wagontown Fire Company for filling in as our standby crew for the night and to the 2011 Banquet Committee for a wonderful night.

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