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Hay Wagon Fire on Route 41 - Route 41 South of Route 10
Thursday, January 28, 2010

On Thursday, January 28th, 2010, the Cochranville Fire Company was dispatched at 0655 for a hay wagon on fire along Route 41 South of Route 10 in West Fallowfield Township. Engine 27-3 responded 0701 hours followed by Engine 27-5 and Engine 27-1 at 0706. Upon Engine 27-3's arrival at 0703, they found a trailer loaded with hay bales with a small fire due to wheelbaring failure. Deputy 27, Drennen, assumed "Route 41 CP" at 0708. Engine 27-3's crew pulled an 1 3/4 handline, extingushing the fire and finding none of the bales to have been on fire. Using a tractor, the hay bales were than pulled off the trailer to ensure that they would not light off. After clearing the trailer and the hay bales, "Route 41 CP" was terminated and all 27 units returned available at 0759. Units: Engine 27-3, Engine 27-5 and Engine 27-1

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