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Training Dec. 5: Team Building & Communication
Monday, December 5, 2022

This Monday night at the firehouse we spent some time giving our apparatus and station some much needed TLC. The apparatus and engine bay was cleaned in preparation for this Saturdays annual Santa around Cochranville. 


Afterwards our members worked together on team building and communication exercises. 


The crew was split into 3 teams of 4 and the challenge was to manipulate a maze to get a baseball from one end to the other.


The first time this was done with everyone's eyes open. Then only one person per team was able to see and give instructions. Finally we took the blind folds off to see if any team could complete the maze in less than 15 seconds. 


Thanks to all of our members for taking the time to prep for Saturday's Santa event 


Team King: Andrew King, Jon Palmos, Jacob Embree, Ashleigh Kelly


Team Lapp: Elizabeth Lapp, John Kocher, Joshua Ruger, Nick Staehle


Team Titus: Titus Embree, Elmer Blank, Benuel Stoltzfus, Brian Drennan

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